West Pack Fake Facebook Pages

There are fake social media and fraudulent competition prize announcements circulating on social media from people pretending to represent West Pack Lifestyle. These are hoaxes. Please ignore any request to send your personal details or make any payment whatsoever before coming for an interview. We would never operate in this way.

These adverts encourage people to click on a link from West Pack Lifestyle and/or sending information to a gmail email address (eg name@gmail.com), requesting payment of a fee. This is false information by a scam artist and has no connection whatsoever to West Pack Lifestyle.

West Pack Lifestyle would never request anyone to pay any fee.

In reality, you are not being considered for a prize from West Pack Lifestyle, but rather you may have been tricked into sending money to a scam artist. West Pack Lifestyle conducts its own recruitment or prizes and any request for an information will always come directly from our page or an @westpacklifestyle.co.za email. Never from a @gmail.com email address.