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How To Marinade Correctly

MARINADE CORRECTLY Advice from Catercorp Braai Masters Everyone has different opinions on what to do with sauces and marinades. However, there are some basic principles to follow. If the marinade is sugary and sweet, like the Nou Gaan Ons Braai Schweet & Spicy, avoid adding too much at first. Rather, baste your meat with a brush […]

Spoiling Dad with Butternut Soup

Winter is the perfect time to indulge in a warm, comforting bowl of soup. As the temperatures drop, our cravings for hearty, soul-soothing meals increase. So why not spoil your dad this Father’s Day weekend with a homemade butternut soup served in stylish Home Classix Anenomes Soup Mugs from West Pack Lifestyle?

How To Make This Chocolate Board

So, raise your hand if you know what a charcuterie board is? It’s pronounced (shar-ku-tah-ree). Charcuterie is derived from French words that essentially mean cooked meats, but its popularity really took off and now home entertainers to professional chefs create sweet charcuterie boards. Well, this is our version of a chocolate charcuterie board and it’s going […]

Gooey Flourless Chocolate Brownie Pie (Banting Friendly)

This Gooey Flourless Chocolate Brownie Pie by Baking Ginger – using our Kitchen Inspire range – is almost too good to be true! It is delicious, fudgey, rich, chocolatey indulgence at its best. INGREDIENTS  350 grams dark chocolate 250 grams unsalted butter 5 large eggs 250 grams golden caster sugar INSTRUCTIONS Whisk the eggs and sugar until light and fluffy and tripled […]

Easy Butter Chicken Recipe

The Best (and Easiest) Butter Chicken Recipe You’ll Find Easy Butter Chicken Serves 4  Recipe by Dee Gullan of D.Kos Unique Culinary Experiences.  Tsp = teaspoon Tbsp = tablespoon Ingredients  4 large chicken breasts – cut into bite size pieces  1 onion – finely chopped
 3 tsp cumin seeds
 4 tsp crushed ginger and garlic  […]

Minion Cupcakes

Ingredients Water, oil and eggs called for on cake mix box 1 vanilla frosting / icing sugar Yellow liquid or gel food color 16 large marshmallows 32 brown candy-coated milk chocolate candies 2 black licorice wheels Steps Heat oven to 180°C. Make and bake cake mix for 24 cupcakes. Cool cupcakes completely on cooling rack, […]

Prebiotic Probiotic Smoothie BlendJet Recipe

Healthy & Delicious? You Bet! Improve your gut health with the power of prebiotics and probiotics combined in our Prebiotic Probiotic Smoothie BlendJet Recipe. It’s guaranteed to make both your tastebuds and your stomach smile! TOTAL TIME: Less than 5 minutesSERVINGS: 1 For more BlendJet recipes, like this Probiotic and Prebiotic Smoothie, and to share […]

West Pack Lunch Club with Lufuno

West Pack Lunch Club

You know what we love MOST about the #WestPackLunchClub concept? You’ll get to meet real people, with real ideas and inspiration. Tried and tested ideas by women, men and children who get excited about inspiring others to find more creative ways to eat healthier and develop better habits. ❤️💚 Today’s #WestPackLunchClub inspo comes from one […]