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How To Marinade Correctly

MARINADE CORRECTLY Advice from Catercorp Braai Masters Everyone has different opinions on what to do with sauces and marinades. However, there are some basic principles to follow. If the marinade is sugary and sweet, like the Nou Gaan Ons Braai Schweet & Spicy, avoid adding too much at first. Rather, baste your meat with a brush […]

Spoiling Dad with Butternut Soup

Winter is the perfect time to indulge in a warm, comforting bowl of soup. As the temperatures drop, our cravings for hearty, soul-soothing meals increase. So why not spoil your dad this Father’s Day weekend with a homemade butternut soup served in stylish Home Classix Anenomes Soup Mugs from West Pack Lifestyle?

How To Make This Chocolate Board

So, raise your hand if you know what a charcuterie board is? It’s pronounced (shar-ku-tah-ree). Charcuterie is derived from French words that essentially mean cooked meats, but its popularity really took off and now home entertainers to professional chefs create sweet charcuterie boards. Well, this is our version of a chocolate charcuterie board and it’s going […]

Christmas at West Pack

Are you getting excited about Christmas yet? We definitely are!   West Pack stores across South Africa and in Namibia, are filling up with the most magnificent decorations to make this Christmas and festive season truly one to remember. Our team personally selects everything you find in-store, and as you’ll see below we’ve got absolutely […]