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How To Marinade Correctly

MARINADE CORRECTLY Advice from Catercorp Braai Masters Everyone has different opinions on what to do with sauces and marinades. However, there are some basic principles to follow. If the marinade is sugary and sweet, like the Nou Gaan Ons Braai Schweet & Spicy, avoid adding too much at first. Rather, baste your meat with a brush […]

Laminate Flooring | Everything You Need To Know

Maintaining the beauty and longevity of your laminate floors and tiles requires more than just a quick sweep. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of floor care, featuring tips, education, and the perfect cleaning tools from West Pack Lifestyle to keep your home shining. Understanding Laminate Floors and Tiles Laminate Floors: Laminate […]

Declutter Your Life Series | Week 3 Dividers

Declutter Your Life with West Pack Lifestyle In the fast-paced world we live in, staying organized is often the key to maintaining a stress-free lifestyle. As part of West Pack Lifestyle’s Declutter Series, we’re diving into the world of containers with dividers, unlocking the potential for a more organized and efficient living space. Join us […]

1 Laundry Hack You Can’t Unsee

Laundry Hacks with Starlite Fabric Softener Refills Why do we love fabric softener refills so much? 1️⃣ Laundry Luxury: Refill, don’t re-buy! Fabric softener refill packs are not just eco-friendly; they’re a budget-savvy choice. West Pack’s Starlite Fabric Softeners come in a variety of heavenly scents for your clothes – abelownd for other uses which […]

Declutter Your Life Series | Week 2 Garage Transformation

Declutter Your Life with West Pack Lifestyle Is your garage a maze of mystery and clutter? Fear not! 🤯 West Pack Lifestyle is back with more game-changing tips to turn your chaotic garage into an organized haven! 1️⃣ Sort & Purge Begin with a garage purge! Sort items into categories – tools, sports equipment, seasonal […]

Declutter Your Life | Week 1 Storage Tips

Declutter Your Life with West Pack Lifestyle Is clutter taking over your space? Time to kick chaos to the curb and embrace the art of organization! Join West Pack Lifestyle with our weekly series of decluttering and organisation tips and tricks to create a tidy, stress-free zone – with our functional and stylish never-ending range […]

Bleach: A Guide to Cleaning Every Corner of Your Home

Welcome to the West Pack Lifestyle blog, where we bring you valuable tips and tricks for maintaining a sparkling clean home. Today, we’re diving into the versatile world of bleach – an absolute essential in your cleaning arsenal. With our January cleaning promotion on bleach and household supplies, we’re here to help you make the […]