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Advice from Catercorp Braai Masters

Everyone has different opinions on what to do with sauces and marinades. However, there are some basic principles to follow.

If the marinade is sugary and sweet, like the Nou Gaan Ons Braai Schweet & Spicy, avoid adding too much at first. Rather, baste your meat with a brush towards the final third of its cooking time, turning it regularly to get a nice sticky finish. If you add the sugary sweet marinade too early, it is likely to burn and create an unpleasant black crust around the meat ‒ especially if the coals are still very hot.

Vinegary marinades, like the Your Choice Lemon and Herb Sauce, should be added beforehand. Soak your meat in it overnight if you can. The acid in the vinegar will tenderise the meat a bit and absorb into it, flavouring it throughout. When you cook it over the fire, the bulk of this will evaporate from the heat, leaving behind the flavour that was absorbed into the meat. The longer it can sink in beforehand, the more flavourful the meat will be.

How To Marinate

A great trick is to use a ziplock bag to marinate. Not only does this seal in all the flavour, but it also ensures that your food is getting fully covered. You simply need to turn over the bag in the fridge every hour or so (depending on how long you are leaving it). If you are lucky enough to have a vacuum sealer, this is ideal. It will infuse the flavour into the food with the force of the seal, allowing you to speed up the process. 

If you choose to use a dish, be careful to use a non-reactive container such as plastic, stainless steel or porcelain. Most metal dishes will react with the flavour and contaminate your perfect

What To Marinate

Chicken is ideal for marinating as it easily absorbs the flavour. Pieces of chicken should be left in the marinade approximately 24 hours to lock in the tastes. West Pack Lifestyle’s Your Choice Chicken Marinade has the perfect formula to bring out the best flavour. To get the marinade to penetrate the full chicken pieces, you should gash the pieces before putting them in the marinade. Doing this allows it to seep between the gashes for the fullest taste. For an extra bit of flavour, add some of our Your Choice Lemon Juice.

Minute steaks and tenderised steaks are perfect for marinating because the thinness offers a larger surface area compared to the volume of the steak. Therefore the marinade will be able to penetrate more of the meat. These pieces can be left for as little as 6 hours in the marinade. Thicker steaks will also greatly benefit from a deep marinade for 12 – 24 hours. They go best with West Pack’s Your Choice Meat Marinade and Sauce-a-licious BH Basting

Fish and vegetables can be marinated for up to an hour with any of our excellent products, Sauce-a-licious Lemon & Herb is a great option. Doing this will give dinner a great taste with minimal effort. 

It is very important to remember that once a marinade has been used, it is then contaminated and therefore should be disposed of and not re-used. Reusing a marinade could lead to unhealthy implications. 


Recipe by Catercorp



  • Blitz all ingredients in blender for 30 seconds.
  • Marinade the meat for at least 8 hours prior to using it.