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Declutter Your Life with West Pack Lifestyle

Is your garage a maze of mystery and clutter? Fear not! 🤯 West Pack Lifestyle is back with more game-changing tips to turn your chaotic garage into an organized haven!

1️⃣ Sort & Purge

Begin with a garage purge! Sort items into categories – tools, sports equipment, seasonal items. Bid farewell to what you no longer need.

2️⃣ Zone it Out

Create dedicated zones for different purposes – a tool station, sports gear corner, and seasonal storage area. West Pack’s storage containers and bins are tailor-made for this! Check out our Dividers and Organisers

3️⃣ Wall Magic

Utilize wall space for hanging tools and equipment. Invest in hooks and racks to keep things off the floor. West Pack’s storage solutions include versatile wall-mounted options at selected stores. 

4️⃣ Shelving Brilliance

Maximize vertical space with sturdy shelves. West Pack Lifestyle’s Pride shelving options are perfect to setup in your garage. 

5️⃣ Label, Label, Label

Clearly label containers and shelves. This ensures you can quickly locate what you need. West Pack’s labels and markers are handy tools for this task.

6️⃣ Safety First

Store hazardous materials securely. West Pack’s specialized containers are designed to keep potentially dangerous items away from curious hands. With clip lock, and heavy duty storage boxes that will change the way you view storage!

7️⃣ Create a Workshop Oasis

If you have a workbench, keep it clutter-free with designated containers for tools and supplies. West Pack’s containers come in various sizes, and our various size crates are a perfect way to organise the space ideal.

🔧 Rev Up Your Garage

West Pack Lifestyle’s storage solutions are the key to unlocking a garage makeover! Tidy up, organize, and reclaim your space with ease. Your garage will thank you! 

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