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How To Fold Serviettes for More Festive Fun

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to add a touch of magic to your Christmas table than with creatively folded paper serviettes? Don’t miss out on West Pack Lifestyle’s Christmas promotion 19 Nov with a fantastic promotion on paper serviette napkins in every colour you can imagine! This promo includes 2-ply Luncheon Napkins in a set of 25 pieces per pack and Cocktail Paper Serviettes, 2-ply in a set of 50 pieces per pack. With so many colours available, the possibilities for festive table settings are endless. Let’s explore some easy-to-follow instructions for folding these paper gems into delightful Christmas-themed shapes.

Christmas Tree Serviette:

  • Start with a square serviette and fold it in half to form a triangle. Then, fold the sides of the triangle inward to create a tree shape. Make small accordion-style folds along the vertical axis to add texture, and voila! You have a charming Christmas tree serviette to adorn your table.

Santa Hat Serviette:

  • Begin with a square serviette and fold it in half diagonally to form a triangle. Roll the napkin tightly from the long side to the point, creating a cone shape. Tuck the loose end into the roll to secure it. To complete the Santa hat look, fold the top of the cone down slightly. This playful addition will bring a touch of Santa’s workshop to your table.

Snowflake Serviette:

  • Lay the serviette flat and fold it in half diagonally, then fold it in half again to form a smaller triangle. Create three evenly spaced cuts along the longest edge, being careful not to cut all the way through. Unfold the napkin to reveal a beautifully intricate snowflake pattern.

Candle Serviette:

  • Take a rectangular serviette and fold it lengthwise in half. Roll the napkin tightly from one of the shorter sides to create a cylindrical shape, resembling a candle. Secure it with a ribbon or twine, and for an extra festive touch, add a small flame-shaped cutout on top.

Cocktail Napkin Fan:

  • For the Cocktail Paper Serviettes, create a stylish fan shape. Accordion-fold the napkin from one end to the other, then secure it in the middle with a decorative ribbon or clip. This elegant touch is perfect for a sophisticated Christmas cocktail party.


With West Pack Lifestyle’s promotion on paper serviettes, you can easily transform your Christmas table into a festive masterpiece – and spend your savings on extra goodies for you and your family! 

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