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So, raise your hand if you know what a charcuterie board is? It’s pronounced (shar-ku-tah-ree). Charcuterie is derived from French words that essentially mean cooked meats, but its popularity really took off and now home entertainers to professional chefs create sweet charcuterie boards.

Well, this is our version of a chocolate charcuterie board and it’s going to blow your family and friends completely out the room! Imagine the next time they arrive at your home for – what they think – is an ordinary visit, and you treat them to an indulgent chocolate board with West Pack sweet treats. They’ll be talking about it for dayyyzzzz!

Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku was so excited to remake this grazing board after seeing what Dee Gullan made with our West Pack wooden boards, chocolates and serving ware bowls.

Here’s a few tips and guiding principles when making your own charcuterie board.

Start with the largest ‘anchor’ items

Start with these first because they are big and will add structure to the rest of your board and chocolate dessert treats. We added our elegant white serving bowls for chocolate dips and shortbread and raisan chocolate balls. Add as many little bowls as you like with interesting and decadent dips.

Position Chocolate Biscuits Around the Edge For Shape

We did this to emphasise the beautiful detail of our wooden sereving board, and who doesn’t love chocolate biscuits – but we also have other flavours from strawberry to vanilla that could go with this.

Now Add the dippers to the Board

Continue adding height to you board with sweet biscuits like shortbread fingers, pretzels and chocolate sticks. Other sweet treats that are perfect for dunking could be marshmallows, meringues and nougat. There are no rules here – add whatever your favourites are!

Now Fill In The Gaps and Play!

This si where you can have some fun! Make sure to fill any gaps in your board. Don’t unwrap any candy or chocolates because the wrapped treats will add colour and a luxurious feel to the board (and don’t forget more texture!) What do you love most with chocolates? Why not add nuts like pecan or pistachio? This board is yours to have fun with and express yourself creatively!

Repetition and Balance

The trick is really to repeat your sweet treats throughout. Add treats in pairs of two or three in places throughout your arrangement.

End off with Garnish

This is where you can bring in some necessary colour. Most chocolates and desserts are brown so adding colour to your board with fresh deep red strawberries, green mint leaves and any of your other favourites will bring your board altogether in the prettiest way possible!

Watch How To Make This From Scratch

Watch Dee Gullan expertly create this beautiful chocolate board with West Pack serving ware and sweets.