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Colourful Monster Pom Pom Christmas Wreath

What You’ll Need To Make It

Monster Pom-Pom Christmas Wreath

Toddler-Approved Paper Plate Christmas Wreath

What we love most about the countdown to the festive season and Christmas Day is that kids get really excited about making crafts! Grab some paper plates, paints and Christma crafts from West Pack and you’re set for making magical memories with the little ones! Find out how to make it!

Level up your kiddies crafts with this cool idea for a Christmas wreath you’ll be able to keep to capture just how tiny their hands were!

Make A DIY Christmas Wreath Using a Pool Noodle

DIY CHRISTMAS WREATH! We love this really easy tutorial by
Love Happy Alison on how to make a Pool Noodle Christmas Wreath using a pool noodle. She created this while her daughter Sophie had her nap!