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You know what we love MOST about the #WestPackLunchClub concept?

You’ll get to meet real people, with real ideas and inspiration. Tried and tested ideas by women, men and children who get excited about inspiring others to find more creative ways to eat healthier and develop better habits. ❤️💚

Today’s #WestPackLunchClub inspo comes from one of our customers, Lufuno Mbambala who is something of a bonafide unicorn when it comes to real health, fitness and holistic wellness (find her on Instagram @goodeatswithlufuno. She buys her meal prep containers from West Pack and said this when we asked permission to use her post:

@westpackstores Oh yes!! Absolutely. Thank you so much. These containers are amazing and have changed my life for the better, great for freezing food, time saving and money saving. 👍🏾

Are You Ready?

Grab a bottle of water, double tap that love button, follow her and get ready for your life to be changed for the better!

#repost from @goodeatswithlufuno

Sunday Meal Prep

Sunday meal prep done and dusted . I know it seems like I eat almost the same thing right ? Well it works for me. I don’t like to complicate my eating, weekends I cook comfort meals, just like I made the lamb curry on Friday.
Why do I always cook chicken breast? Chicken breast is a source of lean protein and is low in saturated fat.
I’ll be sharing what I eat in a day soon. Just to give you an idea of what keeps me full and motivated all day.
Nutrition is key💪🏾.
Meal prep containers from @westpackstores

Portion Control

Are you prepared for the week ahead ?

Number 1 reason I love meal prepping is portion control, it helps me maintain a healthy weight and not indulge on unnecessary junk food. Keep it clean and simple. This is more like my lazy meal prep though, but glad I did it.

Once your meal prep is done for the week, you don’t need to worry about what cook when you get home because a healthy easy meal is prepared.

This is how I stay focused on my goals.

Do you meal prep? If not when do you plan to start?

  • goodeatswithlufuno If there’s anything I won’t stop emphasising on my page is clean eating /healthy eating habits. I get tons of questions regarding weight loss and I’m amazed at how many people believe that there’s a secret to “weight loss/ or being skinny and having a small waist”.

    Don’t worry, I’ve also been there, when I began my journey back in 2010, I used to think eating “All bran flakes or just an apple “ for breakfast would help me lose weight. I’ve done the cabbage diet, soup diet etc. It took me years to finally learn that it’s the same foods that I grew up eating when I was growing up in Venda (Limpopo) that will help me be fit, strong and fuel my body with proper nutrition.

    This is one of the main reasons I changed my Instagram name to @goodeatswithlufuno , because everyone is so fixated or obsessed with the next “cute workout “, the top 5 best ab workout, waist trainers, detox teas etc . In all honestly without a clean diet , you are fighting a losing battle. I didn’t want to follow the crowd, so, I Lufuno, decided to educate and advise all those that want to change their lifestyle to a more sustainable healthy way of living . Forget being skinny and eat clean , the results will follow. They say it takes 7 days to break a habit. I used to drink 2L coke in 2 days, would never touch water and was always constipated and always tired. 1L of water is enough to keep you hydrated . Start small and work your way to 2L-3L. Now when I take a sip of fizzy drinks I feel like I just had 10 teaspoons of sugar. Yes that’s what water does to you, positive impact right ?💁🏾‍♀️.

    I have so much more to share in the next coming weeks. I can’t wait for you to see what I have in my books. 🤸🏾‍♀️. Thank you for always showing love to my page and I’ve been enjoying making new friends and forming new connections .

    P.S – I will continue sharing my favourite workout videos, it’s 20 % of your fitness journey. Watch this space 😃