Preparing Little Ones for Big School - West Pack Lifestyle Blog

Starting a new school year can be scary and exciting all at once! Thankfully, we at West Pack have been part of the new school journey for many years. Here are a few tips we’ve picked up along the way.

Set-Up for Success

Make sure you have a dedicated space for your kiddies to come home to where they can focus on homework.

Learn to Love the List

The dreaded stationery list can be daunting, but remember that these are the tools your little one needs to thrive.

Personalize Lunchtime

Shop together for the ingredients and have them help in the making and packing their lunch.

Find your Biggest Pair of Sunglasses

You may need them when something gets in your eye as you wave goodbye to your little learner on the first day. 

Find everything you need to help your little one thrive at West Pack, visit us in-store or shop online for super school savings.

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