Elfie on the Shelf Ideas - West Pack Lifestyle Blog

It’s officially the Festive Season when Elfie makes an appearance in your home.

While the smiles on your kids’ faces are always worth it, it can definitely be a challenge to keep your Elfie on the Shelf ideas fresh and creative for a full 25 days in December.

Do you want to Build a Snowman?

Crazy Crafts Clay is the perfect addition to your Elfie play. To shop the full range click here.

Raiding The Sweet Stash

Not even Elfie can resist the sweet and chocolate range at West Pack!

The Floor is Lava

Let your imagination run wild with the wide range of arts and crafts to take Elfie’s adventures to new heights.

Add a Little Mischief

Giggles are guaranteed with a little mischievous Elfie running amok in your home. Shop markers for all your funny face masterpieces.

Movie Night

Nothing says Christmas like a good Santa movie and treats! We now have both in-store!

Toilet Paper Wars

Create a little laughter by letting Elfie toilet paper the bathroom. Don’t worry, West Pack has lots of toilet paper you can top-up on.

Christmas party coming up? We have ideas for the ultimate Festive Season feast. Shop everything you need for the ultimate Christmas in-store or online only at West Pack.