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The great toilet paper stash of 2020 doesn’t have anything on a unique stunt pulled of by Standard Liege fans in 2014.

The matchup against Anderlecht was delayed when thousands of fans launched rolls of toilet paper onto the pitch moments before kick-off. The spectacular display saw an avalanche of toilet paper covering the area around one goal post.

In case you’re curious, the delay didn’t affect Standard’s players though! They went on to beat their rivals 1-0 in the first game of the Jupiler League Championship play-offs.

You have to wonder though if they didn’t have our two for R139.90 combo deal, where did they get all that toilet paper from?

Speaking of getting creative with toilet paper, we couldn’t resist a trip down memory lane to our West Pack #TPChallenge. Here are a few favourites that we still chuckle over.

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